Welcome to Wall of Shemp's "Shemp Files." Here we will present some real world Shemp artifacts. A canceled check here, a signed photo there...whatever I can scrounge up. Enjoy! 


According to the Ebay Auction I got this picture from, these are some of Shemp's personal items the seller got directly from Shemp's Wife, Gertrude. As to the validity of this, I have no idea.


Here are some great covers of the Three Stooges Journal. Shemp, you handsome devil!

Here's how the boys were depicted in the 1999 TV Movie

about the Three Stooges. Although I did not see this movie, the likenesses are OK.


But how could anyone even attempt to come close to the originals?

Here's a canceled check that Shemp wrote to Fashion Shades Venetian Blinds company in 1954 for $13.46.


A card signed by all three stooges, including Shemp

The back of a photograph signed by Shemp.

Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz)

b. March 17, 1895. d. November 23, 1955.
Home of Peace Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
Specific Interment Location: In Mausoleum-Second Tier from the bottom.

Shemp's Obituary from the

Thursday, November 24, 1955 edition of

The New York Times.

Shemp's Death Certificate



One of the last photos that Larry, Shemp and Moe took together.


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