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Shemp's Granddaughter Jill Howard was kind enough to take the time and sign my guestbook. Check it out here, and maybe sign it yourself! Thank you, Jill!


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What do you like best about Wall of Shemp?

The great Shemp sound library

The rare Shemp photos

The Fan Submission Gallery

Where else can I play a Shemp Game online?

I can't decide... I just love Shemp!


Looks like the majority of you, 47% found Wall of Shemp through the link from Shempcompany.com.


Next was the search engine at 25%.


Some of you found us via a link from some other Stooge site, 19%. Hmmm. I wonder which ones?


7% said that they heard about us from a friend. Huh, some friend!



Shemp's antics are legendary to the diehard Stooge fanatic.

I'm sure most of you out there are well acquainted with Moe, Larry and Curly, but how

well do you know Shemp?


Hopefully, with this site, you will come to appreciate the comic genius of this woefully under-rated and under-appreciated performer. 


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