Wall of Shemp was ultimately inspired by my Wife, Elizabeth.


One of the things we discovered we had in common when we met was our love of the Three Stooges. Like many of you out there, she was a Curly fan. She liked Shemp, too, but not like I did. So it was through my insistence that she "Give Shemp a Chance". Now she is a Shemp convert and wanted to include a tribute to Shemp in her Web community, PlanetLiz. I did this artwork originally for her page, but it got me thinking. Shemp deserves a web site of his own, not just a mention on a full Three Stooges site. And Wall of Shemp was born.


So here is that original piece of art that inspired it all! 




We love you, Shemp! Thanks for everything!


-Your Fans



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